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This is the vision


As IMPRINT, we want to see a generation from all types of backgrounds not defined by their past, insecurities, failures, sin, shame, guilt, approval from others, defaults and shortcomings but a generation completely defined by what God says about them.


As a result, they live in a quiet, humble boldness to be all that God has called them to be.


They are the dreamers and the risk takers.


The servants and the leaders.


The counsellors and the preachers.


The healers and the deliverers.


They are the sons and daughters of God.


And because of their constant pursuit to commune with Jesus and be like him, their very nature shifts the culture.


They are IMPRINT

You can find our Church campuses in Leicester and London

IMPRINT Church Leicester is a charismatic vibrant church based in Leicester's City Centre. We aim to reveal God's heart for people and to empower them to make a mark on their own worlds through the gospel.

IMPRINT Church London is based in the heart of London, located in Bank. Our church is made up of young professionals and creatives, families, youth and kids. Our services take place every Sunday at 5pm at St Edmund's Church, 57-59 Lombard Street, London, EC3V 9EA. During the week we host weekly small groups which are known as "crews" and throughout the year we host events to encourage discipleship with Jesus and empower people to have an impact in their own world and their city with the truth of Gospel.


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IMPRINT is a registered charity (1189327) throughout England and Wales.